Civilian Helpers

Staff Recruitment

Over 20? Seeking a new challenge? Would you like to develop skills, leadership qualities and gain qualifications too?

At 126 (City of Derby Squadron), we constantly assess our past achievements, implement changes to meet the challenges of today and make plans for the future.

A huge part of that planning is our adult staff. As the backbone of our organisation we’re always on the lookout for high-calibre individuals to become volunteers to help to run the activities and deliver the nationally recognised training that plays such an important role in the lives of our Cadets.

All kinds of people make up our volunteer staff, coming from a range of backgrounds and interests. Obviously if you have direct experience of working with young people, or any relevant skills such as engineering, flying or teaching, you would be particularly welcome. These aren’t essential though, as we will train and support you at every stage.

That said, you’ll have some personal qualities that are essential, such as patience, maturity and responsibility along with an understanding of young people and their needs. You needn’t be an athlete, but a good level of physical fitness also helps to ensure you can keep up with the cadets!

We rely on our volunteers to help us operate as effectively as possible. Being well organised is an obvious must, ideally with good managerial and administrative skills, and an ability to listen to problems and deal with them tactfully and appropriately.

Make a difference

The most common volunteer designation in Air Cadets is Civilian Instructor – it’s a varied role allowing you to use your skills where they best fit. You can give as much or little time as you can, and you don’t need any formal qualifications – just enthusiasm that’s infectious.

Your role is vital to the success of our cadets. You’ll see your dedication and effort pay-off in the achievements you inspire amongst our members. But it isn’t just the cadets that benefit – you’ll get involved in many squadron activities and have the same kinds of opportunities as cadets to develop leadership skills and gain qualifications in things such as Mountain Leadership, Food Handling, First Aid and NVQs that may be useful to you in your career. You’ll also have as much fun as the cadets do!

And it doesn’t stop there. If you choose, you may apply to become a sergeant or an officer in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. As a uniformed member of staff you can claim up to 28 days volunteer allowance per year and work your way up through the ranks in a similar manner to the RAF.