Field Craft


What is Fieldcraft?

Fieldcraft Training (FT) is a core Air Cadet activity. Its primary purpose is to develop cadets’ personal skills and knowledge in a wide range of activities that relate directly to working and living in a field environment, whilst offering opportunities to develop leadership and team-building.

Within RAFAC there are 2 levels of FT:

Local Training. Local training is undertaken within the bounds of the Squadron perimeter as part of the Squadron training programme. Local training includes classroom based theory lessons and practical training.

Deployed Exercises. Deployed exercises can be conducted at day and night, usually on a Ministry of Defence Training Area. The main aim of taking part in deployed exercises is demonstrate in a safe, controlled environment that they are physically and mentally able to cope with deployed on exercise.

What will I learn?

FT covers a wide range of subjects including Camouflage and Concealment, Cooking in the Field, Shelter Building and Indication of Targets.  

What are the opportunities for Me?

Once you have demonstrated your ability to apply FT skills correctly you can apply to take part in one of a number of training courses where you will expand your knowledge by weapon handling and tactics, and which may include the use of blank ammunition and pyrotechnics. These courses are the RAFACO Junior Leaders Course, RAF Regiment Experience Camps and the RAFAC-sponsored Land command course.

Once you turn 18 you can apply to become a Qualified Fieldcraft Instructor. This qualification allows you to pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of Cadets.