Aircraft Recognition

Aircraft Recognition

What is Aircraft Recognition?

Aircraft recognition is a visual skill taught to military personnel. It is important for air defence and military intelligence gathering. Aircraft recognition generally depends on learning the external appearance of the aircraft, both friendly and hostile, most likely to be encountered.

What will I learn?

Cadets will be taught how to recognise and correctly identify British, fellow NATO, Former Soviet Block and Civil aircraft. This training is delivered in a class room environment using multi-media presentations, aps and simulator training.

126 (City of Derby) also runs a number of highly successful “away days” to offer practical training. Some recent examples are visits to RAF Cosford’s Air Show, the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, RAF Coningsby, East Midlands and Manchester Airports   

What are the opportunities for Me?

As well as visits to air shows, RAF stations and civil airports, competitions are run throughout RAFAC for all-cadets to take part in. In these competitions images of aircraft are displayed for a limited amount of time (2-3 seconds) for competitors to identify. Competitors have ranged from civilians, Combined Cadet Force Cadets and even members of the Armed Forces.

126 (City of Derby) Squadron has a long history of being successful at these competitions and has been crowned best squadron in the RAFAC for the past 3 years in a row.