This document provides a list of the more common abbreviations ATC personnel are

likely to use. If you consider that all recipients will understand an abbreviation, it need not be explained. However, if not then the first time you use it (including the heading) explain in full, followed by the abbreviation in brackets i.e. Defence Writing (DW). Thereafter, the abbreviation should be used consistently.

Absent Without Leave                                                         AWOL                       

Adjutant                                                                                 Adjt    

Administration                                                                      admin            

Air Cadet Adventure Training Instructions                      ACATI                                   

Air Cadet Field Training Instructions                                ACFTI                                    

Air Cadet Physical Education Training Instructions       ACPEDTI                              

Air Cadet Publication                                                          ACP                           

Air Cadet Training Instruction                                            ACTI                                      

Air Cadet Training Orders                                                   ACTO                        

Air Experience Flight                                                           AEF                           

Air Experience Gliding                                                        AEG                           

Air Publication                                                                      AP                  

Air Traffic Control                                                                 ATC               

Air Training Corps                                                                ATC               

Cadet                                                                                     Cdt

Cadet Warrant Officer                                                         CWO                         

Civilian Instructor                                                                 CI                   

Combined Cadet Force                                                       CCF                           

Commanding Officer                                                           CO                             

Corporal                                                                                 Cpl     

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award                                               D of E                                    

Exercise                                                                                 ex       

Flight                                                                                      Flt

Flight Lieutenant                                                                  Flt Lt              

Flight Sergeant                                                                     FS                  

Flying Officer                                                                        Fg Off            

Group Captain                                                                      Gp Capt                    

Headquarters Air Cadets                                                    HQAC                       

In accordance with                                                               iaw                 

In charge of                                                                           IC       

Joining Instructions                                                             JIs                  

Joint Service Publication                                                    JSP                            

Junior Non Commissioned Officer                                    JNCO                                    

Mechanical Transport                                                         MT                              

Medical evacuation                                                             MEDEVAC               

Ministry of Defence                                                              MOD              

Non Commissioned Officer                                                NCO                                      

Officer Commanding                                                           OC                             

Officer in Charge                                                                  OIC                

Physical Education                                                              PEd               

Physical Education Officer                                                 PEdO                        

Pilot Officer                                                                           Plt Off

Public Relations                                                                   PR                 

Radio telecommunications                                                 RT                                          

Range Conducting Officer                                                  RCO                          

Royal Air Force                                                                    RAF               

Royal Air Force Regiment                                                  RAF Regt                              

Royal Air Forces Association                                             RAFA                                    

Senior Non Commissioned Officer                                   SNCO                                   

Sergeant                                                                                Sgt     

Squadron                                                                              Sqn    

Squadron Leader                                                                 Sqn Ldr                     

University Air Squadron                                                      UAS                           

Volunteer Gliding School                                                   VGS                           

Warrant Officer                                                                     WO                

Wing Commander                                                                Wg Cdr                     

Wing Headquarters                                                             WHQ             

With effect from                                                                    Wef